Step into the future of athlete monetization with Moumint. We convert your most memorable performances into enhanced digital collectibles, providing fans with an authentic way to show their support while creating a new revenue stream for athletes.

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We’re constantly working on improving the experience for athletes and fans. These are the features you can expect so far:


The Moumint Collection Manager is an interactive tool within the Moumint Creator Studio that allows approved Moumint Partners to create, manage, and sell Collections of digital artifacts to their audience. Collections can be edited, released, and monitored from the Collection Manager Overview. Each Collection consists of 20 artifacts divided among four themes, each with five tiers of rarity. The artifacts can be represented by an image or a video, each with a thumbnail. Collection and artifact attributes, including title, description, rarity, and others, can be customized by the Moumint Partner. Partners can track sales, opened packs, and control the visibility of their Collections. For Twitch streamers, an OBS message can be set to acknowledge fan support during streams.

Moumint Drop Manager: Capture and Share Your Stream Moments!

The Moumint Drop Manager, part of the Moumint Creator Studio, allows registered Moumint Partners to create and manage Drops—special moments captured as images or small videos from streams. Drops can be prepared in advance, edited, and scheduled for release to specific audience members present during the stream or a list of chosen Moumint users. The Drop Manager Overview shows released and unreleased drops as well as those in planning stages. Once a drop is released, its attributes can’t be changed. The drop’s rarity tier, name, image or video, thumbnail, and date can all be customized by the Moumint Partner.

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