Name-Image-Likeness Monetization (NIL)

While everybody is talking about NIL, Moumint is innovating the space. Brand partnerships are mostly available to the biggest athletes and only offer a one-time payment. With Moumint every athlete is able to have their own collections which create a constant revenue stream throughout the year. This provides a perfect use case for the new NIL rules that can be done on top of existing opportunities without a significant time investment.

REASONS to join moumint

  1. Legacy: Athletes can transform their greatest achievements, iconic moments, and coolest shots into digital collectibles called artifacts. These artifacts carry a strong emotional connection for fans, making them eager to own a piece of their favorite athlete’s legacy.
  2. Direct Fan Connection: Athletes can forge a direct link with their fans by offering exclusive drops and collectibles. This cultivates a stronger bond between athletes and their audience, elevating the fan experience and nurturing a thriving sports community.
  3. Personal Brand Identity: Moumint empowers athletes to craft their personal brand by offering branded digital collectibles that resonate with their sports identity. This builds a consistent and recognizable brand image that opens the door to more NIL opportunities.
  4. Innovative Revenue Stream: Moumint introduces a new and creative way for athletes to generate revenue beyond traditional brand partnerships. By leveraging their unique moments and achievements, athletes can tap into a previously untapped revenue stream.
  5. Unique Memorabilia: Digital collectibles on Moumint act as digital memorabilia that can turn into actual physical memorabilia. For example, as autographs on Moumint Golden Plates which creates a greater incentive for fans to purchase your packs.
  6. Social Media Engagement: Allowing fans to collect an athlete’s artifacts on Moumint can naturally amplify their personal brand as these collectibles are shared across social platforms.
  7. Get Noticed: By engaging fans through Moumint, athletes boost their visibility and marketability—two critical elements that not only draw the attention of pro scouts but also make them more appealing prospects due to their off-field value.
  8. Next-Gen Collectibles: Sports fans have been collecting trading cards for decades but the medium has largely remained unchanged. In our digital world, collecting digital collectibles will soon become the new norm because it offers a far greater potential for new and exciting features.
  9. Gamification: Beyond just admiring your collectibles, your fans have the opportunity to engage further. They can uptrade common items for rarer ones, aiming to acquire the prized gold artifacts that come with a physical counterpart. As we continue to add new features, we’re focused on elevating the user experience, which in turn increases your earnings.
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