At Moumint we strive to bring the best possible way to engage at a deeper level with your favourite creator. Let’s dive into the exciting features that you can start using to support the creator and build a Collection of unique streaming memories at the same time.

Through three main features you can easily connect your preferred social media channels, collect high rarity Drops and Collections, and proudly exhibit your earned streaming memories as Artifacts in your very own dedicated Gallery with artworks, collectibles, memes and so much more you can fully customize.

The Vault

The vault stores all the drops you received directly as well as the cards you purchased as collectibles from all different creators. It is here where you can choose a collection and – if you are eligible because you have the required amount of cards – can trade up to complete collections. In a later version of Moumint you will even be able to trade cards with others on the platform, have real world equivalents of your digital posessions and perhaps even sell them when they are extremely rare.

The Moumint user account

Easily create an account via individual registration or by connecting your Twitch account to the service secured by a double opt-in process. Once confirmed you immediately have access to your account settings, your vault – that may already contain some drops – and your personal gallery.


We all know it from collecting TCGs: You tend to get a lot of common or duplicate Cards – Artifacts that are nice to have, but otherwise have no real use. We thought of that and built something for you: The Trade-Up function. Combine X Artifacts of the same level, trade them in and get an Artifact of the level above in return – so you can level up your Collection one by one.

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