Moumint offers a new and exciting way to support your favorite Creator and express your community support.

Artifacts, Collections, Drops, Vault, and Gallery are the heart of Moumint community support. Explore the Collections and Galleries of your favorite creators by linking your Twitch account to Moumint.


Artifacts are the key elements of Moumint Collections and Drops. They can be photos, Illustrations, Graphics, Videos, or GIFs (Video and GIF for Drops only).

It comes in five rarity levels (blue, purple, magenta, red, and gold), and Artifacts represent what inspires you, excites you, and defines the community.

Get ready! Gold-tier Artifacts such as Golden Plates are delivered to your house for free.


A Moumint Collection consists of 20 Artifacts or four Artifacts with five different rarity levels.

As you open Packs, you can collect and own all 20 Artifacts.

These are the Packs you can buy to support your favorite Creator. They contain four Artifacts, three of blue rarity and one of higher rarity (and yes, that can be a Gold one).

Here’s the fun part: Gold-tier Artifacts turn into a physical Golden Plate that you can get and display.

We look for the Golden Plates in each drawn pack. Once you have pulled or Uptrade a Gold-tier Artifact, we will send you a physical Golden Plate for free. Put the correct address in your profile to ensure the plate gets to your house.

The Golden Plate is a 20×20 cm aluminum plate with a holder and a certificate.


Too many Artifacts of a single rarity and still no gold Artifact. 

That is not a problem because you can easily trade using the Uptrade feature. To do so, go to your Vault and select the Collection you wish to Uptrade. Whether you want to complete a Collection or Uptrade to a Golden Plate, it’s easy. 

To Uptrade, choose six Artifacts from one rarity level, such as Blue. It doesn’t matter whether you select the same Artifact six times or different Artifacts of the same rarity.

Next, select which Artifact from the next rarity level you want, and it is yours. Do this until you reach Gold-tier Artifacts.


Make Community Moments and Events even more special!

Stream highlights, Events, Milestones, Community Memes, and Insiders are examples of what Drops can be.

Drops are 100% digital and completely free. To get a Drop, you must be live in the stream chat at the right time.

Show your support for your favorite content creators by creating a Twitch clip. Who knows, your clip might be the next Drop!


You can find all your Artifacts in your Vault, whether they came from a Collection or a Drop!

The Vault is your very own Moumint safe. It is divided into the following areas:

  • unopened Packs — Here, you will find any Packs you have purchased but have not yet opened.
  • your Artifacts—Here, you will find all the Artifacts that you own, filtered by creator and total.
  • owned Collections—Here, you will find all Collections whose Packs you have opened. The Uptrade button is here, as is the button that takes you to the Collection if you want to revisit it or grab a few more Packs.
  • awarded Drops—Here, you will find collected Drops, including the drop date, but of course, they look best in your Gallery!
  • your Vouchers — If you have received a Voucher, you can either redeem it directly or save it for future Collections. 

A Voucher is a code you can exchange for a free pack from a Collection. At the moment, you can only get them from Moumint Partners or from the Moumint Team itself.


Showcase your favorite Artifacts, whether from a Collection or Drop, in your very own Moumint Gallery!

Which special Collection Artifacts do you own, and which unique Moments have you been part of and received Drops to show?

Show everyone your unique Collection.

You can customize your Gallery and admire the Moumint Artifact effects according to their rarity level. Did you know you can learn more about your Artifacts by hovering over them?

You can check out the Galleries of other Moumint community members by entering their usernames in the search bar. You can also find them in the leaderboard of a Collection.

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