As streamer, CREATOR or fan – we got you covered

If one of these apply, you probably either witnessed or maybe even created an iconic moment that happened in a livestream, video or other type of content, that stuck with you and your community for a while. However at some point the memory will fade and a new inside joke will probably replace the previous one.

With Moumint you will now have the opportunity to capture stream moments, either memes or fan art, in the form of Collections and Drops stored on vaults. Streamers can capture stream moments and turn them into rare collectibles and exciting Drops. Users can buy these Moumint Collections and claim high rarity Drops in tiered collectibles. Both can exhibit their Moumint Collections and Moumint Drops on their Moumint Gallery tailored to their own needs. Click below to learn how start.

FOR Creators

Find out what you can do as a creator to give back to your community on Moumint and register to participate!


Receive free Drops, purchase Collection Packs, arrange your public Gallery and much more! Show your support.

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