What is the difference between a Drop and a Collection?

Briefly: Drops are free Artifacts that a Moumint Partner and Steamer can give to their community. Collections can be purchased in the form of packs, where each pack contains 4 Artifacts from the Collection.

More detailed:

Drops are special moments from the stream of a Creator and Moumint Partner. These are edited and made into a Moumint Artifact and Drop, which is then sent to everyone who witnessed this stream moment live. This happens regardless of whether you have already registered with Moumint or not. As soon as you register your account and link it to your Twitch account, all drops collected so far will automatically end up in your Vault.

Collections are a set of Artifacts that are sold in Packs consisting of 4 Artifacts each. Each Collection contains four different Artifacts, for example Artworks, Memes or iconic stream moments, in 5 different rarity levels, called tiers.

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