Moumint Golden Plates: Bring you Artifacts to the next level

Golden Plate

Our Gold Tier Artifacts bring your stream moments to life in a tangible and unique way. Each Gold Tier Artifact has a physical representation of the digital achievement: A Golden Plate designed with premium features and details to mimic the aesthetics of the digital Gold Tier Artifacts.

Product FeatureDescription
Product TypeGolden Plate
Achievement CriteriaDrawing or trading up to a Gold Tier Artifact
MaterialAluminium, that imitates the digital Gold Tier Artifact
Size20cm x 20cm x 5mm
Additional equipmentMulti-purpose stand/wall mount, certificate of ownership
PackagingGold-colored envelope
Delivery TimeframeUp to 5 Weeks from receipt or creation of the Artifact

Experience the Extraordinary

Receiving a gold-tier artifact or getting it via trade-up is always a special moment. We want to capture this and transfer it into a tangible keepsake. The result is a 20cm x 20cm x 5mm plate made of aluminum that captures the unique nature of the digital gold-tier artifact.

Showcase Your Digital Achievements

Our Golden Plate is not only a memento. It lets you display your digital achievements not only in your Moumint Gallery, but also in real life. With the included stand and wall mount, you’ll quickly find the perfect spot in your home.

Certificate of Ownership and Authenticity

You will receive each Golden Plate together with a certificate of authenticity. This certificate not only confirms that the corresponding Gold Tier Artifact exists in the digital space. It is also a certificate of ownership that identifies you as the person who opened or traded up this Gold Tier Artifact. The certificate and Golden Plate will be delivered together in a golden envelope directly to the address stored in your profile.

The Journey begins here

Anticipation is half the fun. Due to the complex manufacturing process, the delivery of your Golden Plates can take up to 5 weeks from the time you have received or traded up the Gold Tier Artifact. But the anticipation is worth it, because after the production the Golden Plate will immediately be on its way to you and you can decorate your home with it.

You’re patiently waiting for you Golden Plate or want to celebrate it’s arrival with other Moumint User? Join our Discord Community here.

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