Discover the Power of Moumint Vouchers: Enhancing Your Collection Experience


The Moumint voucher system enhances the user experience by facilitating the purchase of packs for collections. Vouchers, obtained from Moumint, its partners, or onboarding packages, are securely stored in the Moumint Vault and can be redeemed during checkout. Moumint partners receive vouchers based on monthly sales and have access to detailed voucher tracking. Upcoming features include voucher pack purchases for users, direct voucher transfers, and automatic voucher creation.

We introduced the Moumint voucher system, designed to give users a new way to purchase Packs and complete their Collection. Let’s explore how you can obtain, store, redeem, and manage these valuable vouchers!

Obtaining Vouchers

At present, vouchers can be obtained in several ways:

From Moumint Partners:

  • Gifting vouchers to loyal fans
  • Using them as prizes in competitions and contests
  • Using them as launch incentives

From Moumint itself:

  • Raffles
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Part of creator onboarding packages:

Storing Vouchers in your vault

  • Safeguard your vouchers in the secure Moumint Vault, preventing unauthorized access and misuse.
  • Store vouchers manually or choose to keep a physical record of the voucher codes.
  • Gain an overview of your voucher inventory, track expiration dates and prioritize their usage.

Be aware that certain vouchers come with an expiration date. Storing your vouchers in the vault not only ensures their safety but also provides an overview of your voucher inventory.

Redeeming a voucher

  • Select your desired collection and click on the ‘BUY NOW’ button.
  • During the checkout process, click the “REDEEM VOUCHER” button.
  • Enter the voucher code manually or select it from your vault.
  • Easily manage and utilize your vouchers before they expire.

USING Vouchers as a Moumint Partner

As a Moumint Partner, you have various ways to acquire vouchers to distribute to your fans and supporters:

  • Acquire vouchers based on your monthly pack sales. The more collections you have available, the more vouchers you can distribute.
  • Purchase additional vouchers for your collections at a reduced price.
  • Gain insights into user engagement and voucher popularity through redeemed and claimed voucher data.

Future versions of Moumint may also include additional vouchers for Moumint Partners based on their recent relative sales rankings.

Managing Vouchers as a moumint partner

As a Moumint Partner, you have complete access to a comprehensive list overview of your vouchers, providing the following information:

  • Vouchers received: You can keep track of all the vouchers you have obtained, ensuring you always know your available resources.
  • Reason for receipt: This details the specific occasion or reason why you received these vouchers, allowing you to better understand and plan future initiatives.
  • Expiry details: The list will show if and when the vouchers will expire, helping you manage them effectively and avoid wasting resources.
  • Available vouchers: You can see the vouchers that are currently available for you to distribute.
  • Redeemed vouchers: The list will include details about which user redeemed which voucher and when, offering insights into user engagement and voucher popularity.
  • Claimed vouchers: This shows the vouchers that have been claimed by a user and stored in their vault, providing another level of understanding about user interactions with your vouchers.

To make this list even more manageable and targeted, you can also filter it by:

  • Active voucher codes: This filter will show you only the voucher codes that are currently active and can be redeemed.
  • Closed voucher codes: This filter will display the voucher codes that are no longer valid or have been fully redeemed.

ADDITIONAL Features on the Horizon

See what we have planned for the Moumint Voucher system in the future:

  • User voucher pack purchases: Users will have the opportunity to buy voucher packs, with bonus packs for multi-purchases, ensuring discounts and packs from various collections.
  • Direct voucher transfers: In the future, both users and Moumint Partners will be able to send vouchers directly to other users’ Vaults for seamless gifting and transferring.
  • Random voucher distribution during Drops: Adding an element of surprise, for instance, 10 special Drop vouchers could be randomly distributed among viewers and Moumint users.
  • Automatic voucher creation for new Collections and sales: Based on the Moumint Partner’s activity and engagement level.

Stay tuned for future updates as we continue to enhance the voucher system.

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