You can find all your Artifacts in your Vault, whether from a Collection or a Drop!

The Vault is your very own Moumint safe. It is divided into the following areas:

unopened Packs — Here, you will find any Packs you have purchased but have not yet opened.

your Artifacts — Here, you will find all the Artifacts you own, filtered by creator and in total.

owned Collections — Here, you will find all Collections whose Packs you have opened. If you want to revisit it or grab a few more Packs, the Uptrade button and the button that takes you to the Collection are here.

awarded Drops — Here, you will find collected Drops, including the Drop date, but of course, they look best in your Gallery!

your Vouchers — If you have received a Voucher, you can either redeem it directly or save it for future Collections.

A Voucher is a code you can exchange for a free Pack from a Collection. At the moment, you can only get them from Moumint Partners or from the Moumint Team itself.

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