Release Notes

Augsburg Release (Version 58)

Vouchers on Moumint

Get ready for Vouchers!

We are pleased to announce the Augsburg Release on June 16, 2023, bringing significant advancements to the platform. This release introduces several noteworthy features and improvements aimed at enhancing user engagement and platform functionality. Let’s dive into the key updates:

Voucher Function

We have implemented a robust Voucher function, allowing creators to distribute, raffle, or gift vouchers to their supporters. This feature enables creators to establish closer connections with their community and incentivize engagement.
Vouchers can be used to acquire packs from any collection. While this initial release focuses on creator-to-user distribution, future iterations will provide the option for users to purchase vouchers as well.

But there’s more! We’ve also made several other noteworthy adjustments to enhance your Moumint experience:

  • Revamped Profile Experience: We’ve transformed the Profile Modal into a dedicated page with multiple sections, conveniently organized with tabs. This sets the stage for future versions, allowing us to expand the profile area effortlessly. Also fixed a bug surrounding the language setting.
  • Streamlined Navigation for Logged-in Users: We have optimized the navigation experience for logged-in users, ensuring seamless access to essential features, easy exploration of collections, and effortless engagement with the platform.
  • Bug Fixes and Enhancements: We have resolved reported issues, including a bug affecting Uptrades and an issue where the Buy Button was erroneously displayed on the Collection Detail page even when the collection was no longer available for purchase.
  • Polished Text and Translation Updates: Our team has meticulously reviewed and refined various texts and translations throughout the platform, improving clarity and consistency for users worldwide.
  • Fixed several minor bugs in the Gallery and Up-Trade mechanism that were reported by users

Happy collecting!

The Moumint Team

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