Welcome to the Moumint Creator Studio

The Moumint Creator Studio offers a range of efficient tools and features to help you manage Collections, Drops, Vouchers and your profile. Our primary goal is to optimize your workflow, increase productivity, and provide valuable performance insights. With these insights, you can make well-informed decisions and continue to grow on Moumint.

Collection Manager

With the Collection Manager, Moumint provides you an interface to manage your Collections. Create new Collections by adding or changing titles, descriptions and other relevant details.

You can also make changes to existing Collections that are planned but not yet published. You can update Collection details, add or remove Artifacts, and customize your Collections to meet your goals. Please note, however, that image updates are only possible prior to publication.

Once you are satisfied with your Collection, you can make it available for purchase on Moumint.

Drop Managemer

With Drop Manager you can effectively schedule and control Drops. Plan your next Drop by setting the date, time, and the related Artifacts.

You also have the ability to change scheduled Drops if they haven’t been published yet. You can adjust the timing, add or remove visuals, and make any necessary changes to make the Drop go live the way you want it to.

Once you’ve set the details of the Drop, you can start the release at the scheduled time to make sure your community has access to the Drops exactly when you want them.

Voucher Manager

Use our Voucher Manager to distribute Vouchers to promote your Collection or as incentives to buy. You can share these Vouchers with your fans and community to boost interaction.

With the Voucher Manager, you have all the tools you need to track the redemption and usage of Vouchers by your community, so you can better evaluate how successful their use has been. Gain valuable insights into your strategies and adjust them as needed to maximize reach and interaction.

Profile Management

In your profile management, you can manage and update your profile information and personal data, ensuring that your data is always correct and up to date.

Integrate and manage the connections to your social media accounts or websites.

Dashboard and User Interface

Our Creator Studio features a concise, and user-centric dashboard that serves as your central hub, directing you to different areas of the platform.

The dashboard provides a summary of key metrics for each area. You can easily view key statistics, such as stats for your current Collection, the rarity and success of your Drops, and the usage rate of your Vouchers. This allows you to evaluate your progress at a glance.

Our dashboard is responsive and optimized for a variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Although you’ll have the best possible overview from your laptop or PC, we’ve ensured compatibility with mobile platforms.

Join us in the Moumint Creator Studio and unlock the full potential of your creations on our platform. Together, let’s make your stream moments eternal.

For first hand updates, exclusive perks and chat with other like minded Moumint users, join our Discord Community here.

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